Touching to your heart

 I feel so lucky In your endless love My feelings are high And my tears falling My fingers feel hot Mingling in your hair And your skin is soft Soaking in my daze Ringing in my mind Sounds of mystery Howling of the wolves Dropping of the rain Ripping of the shame Beating of the hearts  Laughing of the folks Cracking of the stones Soothing of the waves Weeping of the fays Touching to your heart Feeling in my mind Touching to your heart Feeling in my mind Touching to your heart Feeling in my mind

In the Dark

 I was in the dark Waiting for the light Playing with the cards Rebelled against the Gods Left you in the wild Caused your sufferings So selfish am I No feelings of pity Sounds of bravery Thoughts of vanity Led to sovereignty With the cost of misery Last hands were dealed In the end we all availed Bliss is at the door For all eternity Dancing with the sparks Whirling of the stars Watching in the sky In the night of victory Broken, fallen, all the pain is awoken Time is hastened, my mind is frozen In speech I found the worse cursings Caused me suffering within my own doings Ulterior motives were buried in my mind I hope that they will never be forgotten Seemingly they are thought to be of evil kind But bitterly rooted inside the most high

Misty Mountains

  Snow is falling On the misty mountains Riders are lurking In the desolate fields The muses are singing The song of the high king And fairies are flowing Through the tune of shaping

Motley Home

 I gave you my soul Which yearned for you for so long Like stars in deep and far away From each other in endless space Your love is so special I hope it lasts forever On to the mysterious call Of sacred and swinging whole Your heart warms the freezing cold Of dark rose after we were born Then I went down into the hole To show you the motley home

Sacred Haze

There is a place that no one knows Secrets of the books only show It reminds me of the white shores Of the city adorned of golds You're this place of mere unknown Where the mists of gray all surround And enriched by curly clouds It's so sacred that's what I know That's where we go after dying Are the winged ones shape our cryings But I don't think that it's the case And I'm abstracted with your pure haze